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5 Products that make you say What the?!

Here is a compilation of REAL products that make you wonder what was going through the minds of the “inventors”. Imagine being the agency that get these products to create advertising for. Yikes. The best part of these products is watching the infomercials for them. The complete discomfort of the user prior to their purchase is priceless....

How do you spell eco-friendly?

With everybody pitching in these days offering effective ways to environmentally responsible, a Dutch company (Spranq) has constructed an eco typeface. Built by removing up to 1/5th of a letter using tiny circles can sustain readability while reducing ink usage. It doesn’t sound like a lot of savings, but over time can make a difference, however...

Where do you fit in?

What does your social network usage say about you? I found a great article that breaks down consumer’ interests and habits based on whether they use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Linkedin. After conducting surveys on 5,000 individuals, Anderson Analytics has collected some interesting numbers and facts that can help businesses target potential consumers. Here is an abbreviation...

Can you spare $10?

With the summer blockbuster movies in full swing, comes the big budget, adrenaline stuffed, CGI overloaded must sees. Movies nowadays are costing in the hundreds of millions of dollars, but do you need to break the bank to get a cool idea out there?  Movies are becoming dependent on high-end graphics to make up for content. I...

Calvin Klein can get you laid

The latest controversial billboard for Calvin Klein has people talking. The gigantic ad—located in Manhattan—“ shows a young woman lying on top of a man, while kissing another man. All three models are topless. Another male model reclines on the floor with his jeans unbuttoned.” – Marketing Magazine. They say that any publicity is good publicity,...

Alright! SuperBowl 43!! Who’s playing?

A lot of people are aware that NFL Superbowl 43 is right around the corner. Based on a non-government funded survey, 33.85% of my closest friends will be watching the Superbowl just for the American commercials. Most of them don’t even know a thing about football, let alone who is playing. What does this mean? In a...