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How do you spell eco-friendly?

Picture 1With everybody pitching in these days offering effective ways to environmentally responsible, a Dutch company (Spranq) has constructed an eco typeface. Built by removing up to 1/5th of a letter using tiny circles can sustain readability while reducing ink usage. It doesn’t sound like a lot of savings, but over time can make a difference, however marginally. They have noted that it works best at 9-10 point size, which is what most people use as their body copy. Obviously it does not work at larger sizes, perhaps an updated offering will allow scaling while still using the small dots.

Skeptics are out there. They state that is built around a less-than-sexy typeface and is unsuitable with Serif fonts or cheap printers. But at least the idea is there. Is it just a gimmick that will quickly disappear? Will you download it and give it a try? Download it at www.ecofont.eu.

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  • tom
    August 4, 2009 4:20 pm

    nice idea, but the font looks kind of blurry. To save ink, how about a font that only prints at 1pt

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