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5 Products that make you say What the?!

Here is a compilation of REAL products that make you wonder what was going through the minds of the “inventors”.

Imagine being the agency that get these products to create advertising for. Yikes. The best part of these products is watching the infomercials for them. The complete discomfort of the user prior to their purchase is priceless. Who knew that blankets can be such a hassle! I had no idea that using an ordinary mop was so difficult and confusing! Frustrations abound!!

I know that somehow, the Snuggie has been successful. But modifying it for dogs, c’mon. I love the video (here), especially the part where the whole family is at the ball game and giving high-fives. I’m sure they get invited to the neighbourhood BBQ’s. Great for college? Sure, but you will find yourself awfully lonely on a Friday night if caught wearing this thing!

The other products are no better. Take Shuffles. The video shows the horror of having to use a mop like the old days. Now cleaning can be fun! All I foresee is someone trying to figure skate with these and twisting an ankle doing a triple sow cow.

It is amazing the though process of some people. There is an abundance of the weird products out there. Stay tuned for more. Do you have any that you have come across?


Comments: 3

  • Schism Rocker
    August 5, 2009 12:51 pm

    The Snuggie is the greatest invention of modern times. All hail the mighty fabric!

  • JP Holecka
    August 7, 2009 5:47 pm

    My son said to me the other day that he wants to buy me and my wife the “Snuggie”. I chuckled to myself because the value proposition of this thing made sense to a 5 i guess. I asked him why and he said “Because it has sleeves daddy!” I guess that’s important to a 5 year old. I think a logical brand extension might be for a kids line. Maybe licence a cartoon character or two.

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