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The numbers don’t lie

With my dealings with everyday life, I still continue to come across folks that are in denial that Social Media is here to stay. I recently came across a great video produced by a fellow agency that illustrates the monstrosity that is Social Media and the Internet. When you get into some of these stats, it is staggering: 247 Billion emails a day (of which 200 Billion are SPAM, BOO!) Facebook has an average of 37.4 Trillion page views in a year! YouTube pops up 1 Billion videos a day… these are just a few of the informational tidbits included in the video.

Plus, this video was made in February, with the rate of these medias expanding, who knows what the stats are now.

Anyways, long story short, as you sit in your cubicle feeling insignificant, check out this video  and feel like part of the bigger picture. We’re practically family.


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  • @lacouvee
    June 24, 2010 7:14 pm

    Social Media has the possibility of bridging people – online to offline, continent to continent – and provides wonderful opportunities to connect across shared interests. It exposes us to varying points of view, and the diversity of the human experience

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