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The “Must Have” Christmas Gift for people on your Naughty List.

The Christmas season can be hectic enough as it is. People spend a lot of time searching for that perfect gift for loved ones and friends. There are lots of lists and flyers to assist in finding that special toy for Bobby, or the ideal trinket for Aunt Ruby. But how can you share your opinion of people on your naughty list? Coal is sooo last century. Is there something to show how you truly feel, and  that they need to clean up their act?

Here is a small collection. See anything you like??

  1. Nose Hair Clippers ~ eww.
  2. A vacuum cleaner ~ A step up from an iron or blender.
  3. A framed photo of yourself and/or your family ~ A reminder that you’re watching them.
  4. A years supply of diet food
  5. A one month gym membership
  6. The Snuggie ~ nuff said.
  7. The Snuggie for Dogs ~ ditto.
  8. Coca-Cola Branded Presents
  9. GrowaFrog Kit ~ Or go classic and get the SeaMonkeys

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