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Social Media is not the new Holy Grail

vegemite-isnack092909Some things should never be changed. Kraft Foods has made some changes to the Australian icon, Vegemite. Sacrilegious! Besides an attempt to try to modernize something that I recognize to be as Aussie as kangaroos and boomerangs, Kraft opened up the naming of the new Vegemite to consumers via social media.

Social Media has pounced on the world with gusto and fervor, creating successful collective brainstorming products. But not all exercises in Social Media are successes. This is one of those instances. With more than 48,000 entries, you would think that SOMEBODY could create a name better than iSnack 2.0.

Apparently not. What does it mean? Keep in mind that this is a Kraft product. Not the latest product in the Apple i-product line. Nor is it some sort of software upgrade. And if you are creating a new name for a product, wouldn’t that not make it version 1.0? Vegemite 2.0 makes more sense.

There is something to be said to having a professional brand-builder create your product (like us.) Social collaboration is a great thing, but you have to be able to say thanks for the help, but there is nothing we like here, and call the pros.

The full article can be found here at AdAge.

Luckily there has been a Hitler rant video created for this. Check it out too.


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