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award-trophies-trophy2-788650Have you ever had the fortune to work on a major project where the budget is “whatever it takes to get it right” and expectations are high? And while you are on said job, you find the winning idea super fast? Fast, as in the first idea you put to paper fast?

At the agency we use a brainstorming exercise: Dirt/Rock/Diamonds (see full entry here). It is a great way to dig deep and find the hidden gem of an idea. But what happens when you are tripping over the diamonds and you don’t even have your work boots on yet?

The initial reaction is to keep going. But you keep going back to that first idea. You check the brief, everything fits, it resonates with everybody who sees it. This is the piece-de-resistance. Now begins the debate. Do you stop, and have every job thereafter to be expected to be done so quickly? Or do you keep digging knowing that you will find jewels, but not with the same luster? When do you trust your gut and call it a day. It’s a fine line.

Does that make me awesome? I guess so. Am I okay with that? For now. Because I know that a big piece of humble pie could be coming on the next job. Not all jobs will be as smooth, there will be many sleepless nights to come. Creativity is a finicky thing. It’s not a 9-5 deal (although my pay cheque says it is). You can’t turn it off, perhaps is why great ideas can come anytime, anywhere to help make that major project run smoothly.

Now give me a high-five and let’s go onto the next one.

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  • barrysbook
    October 9, 2009 12:01 pm

    I couldn’t read this fast enough expecting to hear details on how the second idea won…so Douglas, please fulfill my expectations (as usual).

  • barrysbook
    October 9, 2009 12:02 pm

    …on the other hand, maybe there is no story… if not, see if you can make one up?

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