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Is Advertising the 7th circle of Hell?

devilWhen I tell people I am in advertising I get drastically different responses. Half are in total awe—they think I draw pretty pictures while sipping RedBull and playing foosball—while the other half look at me with such disdain you would think I said I was a used-car salesman. (NO OFFENCE TO OUR CAR SALESMEN CLIENTS AT CARSONS!)

It is with the latter group that I have a problem. They feel that we make people purchase goods that they don’t need while others even blame the demise of the economy on us over promising product benefits and credit security.

We are not sellers, we are helpers and influencers. Companies create products that they feel contribute to people’s lifestyle. We assist by focusing these useful products to like-minded individuals. Enough said. That is not to say that everybody is an angel. Morals and Values come in to play as well.  Not every agency sells handguns to toddlers. That’s why agencies align themselves with clients who share similar values.

Yes we are influencers, but ultimately the buyers make the decision to purchase. We can only do so much. Surely others have had the same types interactions? Anybody have a good story? Now pass me a RedBull.

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  • Barry
    June 25, 2009 8:17 am

    Great post. I had a reaction of horror from one of my friends who thought I’d sold my soul to the devil when I told him where I worked.

    I used the analogy of marketing being like Darth Vader in Episode 6 at the moment. Any second now marketing departments and agencies are going to realise that being really awesome and helpful will solve a load of problems.

    It’s a little bit idealistic, but let’s hope advertising continues to improve reaching the people who care about their content, and not annoying the people who don’t!

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