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Branding is more than a just a logo.

Building a corporate brand is a big job with a lot of components. Gone are the days when a logo, business cards, and a yellow page ad was considered a brand strategy.

At Copeland, we offer Brand Audits that help determine company values, target markets, and personality. From the collected findings, the brand begins its building process. Corporate logo, business cards and stationary, signage, and collateral materials all stem from the Audit. But there is more than just the typical printed materials. What of Social Media? Can it work for your company? Is there somebody to orchestrate it and be the voice of your company? Customer service is the #1 maker/breaker. This should be audited and address any points that can hinder you. Don’t forget about CRM. Is this even on your radar?

Sure, we make pretty logos, but we offer the full meal deal packages that build your brand with a foundation in strategy. There are a lot of touch points for brands nowadays. Have you covered them all?

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  • Connor
    November 18, 2009 4:12 pm

    This is great stuff! I can’t wait to take my organization through the brand audit process.

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