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Junk Spammers Beware!

I started the workday as usual, going through the emails and making lists for the upcoming day. Lucky for me there were lots of emails concerned about any form of EDS I might be having. Who knew that at 31 I was in the target market for Viagra? Perhaps due to the fact that I am 20-30 years under the target market, they are trying to get me in on the ground floor? Is that why they are offering 80% off my purchase? What a deal! Throw in a totally obscure email on the bottom along with a bunch of incoherent content and who wouldn’t want to sign up? By having them send me 15 more reminders before lunch sure shows they care about me too. Thanks for that.

How effective are these junk mails really? They couldn’t be anymore back-assword. They don’t look legit, they don’t use sneaky cosmetic email or web addresses, they don’t even use spell-check. How can they win??

But I am going to teach them. I am going to call their bluff.  No way can they afford to sell pills this cheap. At 80% off I can buy it by the caseload and run them out of business. All I have to do is give them my credit card info, sit back, and wait it to show up in the mail.

Who’s the smart one now?

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